Shantanu and nikhil tie (black)

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Product Description


‣  Shantanu   Nikhil ties are crafted from high-quality and luxurious materials, such as silk or premium blends. The choice of materials ensures a soft and sophisticated feel, elevating your attire.
‣  Renowned for their innovative designs, Shantanu  Nikhil ties often feature contemporary patterns, textures, or subtle branding. Each tie stands as a unique expression of modern elegance.
 The ties from Shantanu  Nikhil showcase meticulous attention to detail, including carefully sewn edges, precise stitching, and quality finishing. Every element is crafted with precision, reflecting a commitment to excellence.
‣  Shantanu   Nikhil ties are available in a versatile colour palette, offering a range of options to complement various outfits. Whether for a formal event or a stylish casual look, these ties add a touch of sophistication.

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